Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Payday loans, identity theft, okehampton.net, register.com

A while back I failed to renew the Okehampton.Net domain name.  It was prompty snapped up by what looks to be a very dubious "financial" company - in a world where even the established and legitimate firms can't be entirely trusted this cannot be a good thing.    

I did try alerting Register.com who I'd registered the domain with, and the UK banking watchdog, but nothing happened.  So here's a blog post as a last, rather pathetic, attempt to warn anyone who might be daft enough to give okehampton.net "Payday loans" any personal information.  Don't - it would be a really silly thing to do.   

Monday, 20 November 2006

Email still working

Okehampton.com email is still working! You'll need to visit this page http://okehampton.mail.everyone.net/email/scripts/loginuser.pl to access your account.

Is it time for an upgrade? For my personal email I'm now using Google Mail see http://mail.google.com but Google also offer a free service for domains such as Okehampton.com. See https://www.google.com/a/ for details. Trouble is I'm not quite sure how to migrate existing accounts other than a big-bang everyone changes day.


Sunday, 19 November 2006

okehampton.net - time for a change

The old okehampton.net website has been looking rather tired for a few years now. Each time I use it myself I vow to give it a facelift, but there's always something more urgent to do. So I've decided to take drastic action and remove it from the web completely! Now you get this blog instead.

As the web has changed so much over the last few years I really wonder whether a local directory is needed today. Though I intent to provide most of the content of the old directory in some form, at least for a while. Other than that, what might be useful?

Please add comments with your thoughts.